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River Pools and Spas is an American fibreglass pools manufacturer. In early 2009, after the global financial crisis, they were faced with declining orders. Their usual marketing spending revolved around radio, television and pay-per-click advertising. They pivoted towards content marketing, generating sales through informational blog posts and videos. However, they took it a step further than the competition.

How much does a pool cost? This will most certainly be one of the first questions many customers will ask. No pool company at that time answered the question of how much a fibreglass pool costs or mentioned prices on their websites. This was the opportunity for River Pools to save their business.

Content Content Content

"What I discovered first is that consumers of all types expect to find answers on the Internet now, and companies that can best provide that information garner trust and sales and loyalty. […] There's a golden rule to content marketing. They ask, you answer. If we ignore their questions we end up inviting them to leave because customers become so impatient online that if we don't find an answer immediately we are gone."

Mr. Sheridan, an owner of River Pools, tackled the question about the price. He talked about the pool size and the possible options to upgrade your dream pool. In the end, he gave customers an idea, a price range of what a pool might cost. Within 24 hours they ranked number one for fibreglass-pool, cost-related keywords. This resulted in a massive amount of traffic which turned into leads and eventually some to sales.

Customers love helpful information

They did not stop here. They brainstormed and tried to literally answer every question a consumer could possibly have about buying a fibreglass pool. This included topic such as advantages, comparisons with other types of pools like concrete or vinyl but also fibreglass problems and issues.

"Well, we wrote an article about fibreglass pool problems. In other words, we confronted the problem of problems before the competition even got a chance to do it and of course, its number one on Google. Its gets thousands, at least 10,000 views a year. 'fibreglass pool problems' is my number one keyword lead-generating phrase."

By addressing not only the benefits but also the problems of fibreglass pools and actually answering these specific questions, River Pools is able to pull people into their site and control the message. They navigate customers through the narration and taking away the chance of the competition.


In the end, their approach to content transparency paid off. They rank extremely well for anything related to fibreglass pools and are positioned under the best ranked pool websites in the world. With regard to that one article about prices, by using analytics software, they are able to track a minimum of $1.7 million in sales back to it. Currently, River Pools now features over 850 pages as well as a youtube channel answering all questions about fibreglass pools.


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