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Diving into Data-Driven Marketing with Narellan Pools

Narellan Pools is an Australian-based fibreglass pools manufacturer. They faced serious challenges brought on by demographic shifts such as housing affordability, higher density living, and a big rise in competition. Together with the Marketing Agency AFFINITY they launched a marketing campaign in 2015 that generated 23% more sales and reduced their media spend by over 30%, creating a ROI of 54:1.


The pool business is a highly seasonal market, with pool brands shouting for attention over the summertime pool buying rush. Their goal was to create an innovative summer campaign and find an effective method to utilise the limited media budget.

The Strategy

They analysed 5 years of Narellan Pools' data (such as leads, sales, conversion rates, marketing and promotional plans, website analytics) and compared this with third-party data including consumer confidence, interest rates, search volumes for pool quotes and related keywords and weather.

They saw the expected seasonal uplift in leads in warmer months, but also discovered Interesting and unexplained changes in behaviour. On some days there were pronounced increases in leads, as well as massive spiking of up to 800% for a period of up to four days. They further analysed the data across all 49 territories and found that temperature was the important determinant in successful lead generations and conversion to sales.

Specifically, they discovered that if the temperature was higher than the mean monthly rolling average for more than two consecutive days, they saw a spike in sales conversion rates. To be clear, the temperature effect wasn’t creating pool buyers that hadn’t been thinking of buying a pool previously. It simply acted as the tipping point for taking the next critical step in their path to purchase: picking up the phone or making a web enquiry for a quote.


Now they knew when to advertise, but to answer the question what to advertise they conducted qualitative research with recent Narellan pool buyers and found that the aspiration of their first "dive in moment" in their own pool is one of the most powerful motivators for buying.

All these insights were packed into programmatic buying tools to set the campaign live If the specific temperature conditions were met in any of the 49 targeted regions. Specifically, they set the following rules in their programmatic buying tools:

  1. If the temperature yesterday was higher than the mean monthly rolling average temperature
  2. And the forecast / real-time temperature for today is higher than the mean monthly rolling temperature
  3. Set campaign live and turn off after 4 days, unless the conditions were met again in that period.


Their data mining and sophisticated data analysis achieved incredible results. Thanks to their data-driven targeting it allowed them to expose their campaign to the right audience and the right moment. In numbers, the total media spend was reduced by 30% and sales rose by 23%.


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